Metal Soldiers 2 Latest APK

  • >Categories: Action Download Metal Soldiers 2 Android Latest APK. Lock and Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game. Metal Soldiers 2 combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and tap to jump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too! The story of this game is great, even it just has a linear story. Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK for free on Techroasted. We provide you the best free Android games that you can download every day. Be sure to check our homepage for the latest free game ... Read more

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Latest APK Download Crash Arena Turbo Stars Latest Mod APK. Everybody love cat right? Cats is an adorable animal for sure, a lot of people love them. But that kind of cat isn’t what we’ll talk about right now, there’s an Android game or mobile platform game to be exact since it available on iOS too, called CATS or Crash Arena Turbo Stars. It’s an arcade game developed by ZeptoLab, a top developer game that released some well-known game like Cut The Rope. In this game, you’ll play as a cat with an ambition to win a tournament by building a ... Read more

Turbo League Latest APK

  • >Categories: Sport Download Turbo League Latest Mod APK Android. Do you know a game called Rocket League? Well, Rocket League isn’t a mobile game, but it’s a really popular online game. It’s a soccer game (or football) but you play and control the ball as a car. And now, a game which is pretty similar to Rocket League come to Android device, Turbo League. We can officially say that Turbo League Android APK is the perfect Rocket League for Android device, or Rocket League mobile game version. Turbo League is really great and has a fresh gameplay, I bet that you’ll ... Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Latest Mod APK

  • >Categories: Sport Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES 2017) Latest Mod APK Android. Finally, after waiting for a long time, this popular football simulation game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Android, is coming officially to Android device. PES 2017 is already released and popular on PC or console, a lot of people, especially boy, really loves this game. PES 2017 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Android APK has a great graphics and gameplay that will provide you the greatest experience of football gaming ever! Or you didn’t like it, and prefer a soccer game like Rocket League? Well, do you know that ... Read more

Episode – Choose Your Story Latest APK Download Episode – Choose Your Story Latest APK Android. Episode – Choose Your Story is a simulation game where you’ll follow the storyline. But in that storyline, you’ll become the one who decides the story that you’ll make, pretty confused right? Well, it’s not. Do you know a game called Life is Strange? It was a great game, but currently just available on PC and console, that you can decide everything in that game. Your choice is matter and could change the ending of the game. Yeah, Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK is a game like that ... Read more

Why You Should Use Spotify Premium?

  • >Categories: Apps Why You Should Use Spotify Premium Mod APK. Some people say that Spotify has more features than what iTunes provides. Spotify is a music streaming application which is really popular right now for people in the world. Even in the 3rd world country, Spotify Premium APK is still a hype, since Spotify provides a lot of languages that they’re already supported on their apps. Even Spotify itself has a copyright problem especially for the singer and composer of the songs, Spotify Premium Mod APK is still a hype and able to attract a lot of music lovers to listen ... Read more

Spotify Premium Latest Mod APK

  • >Categories: Apps Download Spotify Premium Latest Mod APK. Spotify is a music streaming application that available for Android and iOS device. Not only on the mobile device, Spotify is also available on Windows and Mac so you can listen to your favorite music on both devices. Spotify is really great, you can listen to a lot of songs for free, it has a huge music library and keeps updated every day. Sure, there is some limitation on the free version, that you have to subscribe their premium plan to keep listening without ads and download the music to be played offline. With ... Read more

5 Best Android RPG Games 2017 5 Best Android RPG Games May 2017 That You Should Try.  Here we go, another Techroasted Staff Pick’s article, after previous Staff Pick’s game that contain Best Games and Best Racing game, now we will give you a list of Best Android RPG Games May 2017! Actually, not all of the game that included on the list are a new game that released in May 2017. But, I still included those game on the list since they’re really worthed to download and played, even that game was released 2 years ago. So, I suggest you just to believe me ... Read more

Dungeon Hunter 5 Latest Mod APK

  • >Categories: RPG Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Latest Mod APK Android. After playing Dungeon Hunter 5 for almost 2 hours, I can say that the gameplay isn’t really different with the previous version of Dungeon Hunter 4. You’ll play as a bounty hunter which generally will doing anything as long as they pay you. Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod APK is a game by Gameloft, a big mobile game publisher behind some great games like Asphalt, Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter series. Dungeon Hunter 5 is really a great game, isn’t an open world game like GTA San Andreas nor a fantasy world ... Read more