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Techroasted.net Download Episode – Choose Your Story Latest APK Android. Episode – Choose Your Story is a simulation game where you’ll follow the storyline. But in that storyline, you’ll become the one who decides the story that you’ll make, pretty confused right? Well, it’s not. Do you know a game called Life is Strange? It was a great game, but currently just available on PC and console, that you can decide everything in that game. Your choice is matter and could change the ending of the game. Yeah, Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK is a game like that too, a game that will provide you some option that you need to choose! Your choice is yours, decide your faith!

Well, that was a preview of Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK Android, it’s great right? I recommend you to try this amazing game. For your information, this game is made by request, I mean a reader make a request to us to upload this game (Episode – Choose Your Story Android) to Techroasted. It was the first fulfilled request by Techroasted, and we still waiting for your request though. So if you have any request, just try to contact us via this request page.

Episode – Choose Your Story Android

Episode lets you LIVE your stories. One choice YOU make can change everything. Or, become a creator and write your own! Mean Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato, and thousands of more interactive stories.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that, with over 50,000 gripping stories. In each, create your own character and make choices that matter. From your favorite Hollywood titles like Mean Girls to fan faves such as Bad Boy’s Girl, you’ll binge on Episode for hours.

With all your favorite genres, there’s no time like the present to fall in love, rise to fame, or solve a decade-old mystery. Better yet, join this incredible community and become a creator of your own – writing and publishing stories, amassing lots of fans along the way!


  • CREATE YOUR PERSONAL LOOK and choose your best outfits.
  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE LIARS and hang out with the coolest clique.
  • EXPERIENCE THE SUSPENSE and uncover the mysterious “A”.
  • DATE THE HOT GUY and decide your path to romance.


MEAN GIRLS: SENIOR YEAR + SORORITY RUSH. Step inside girl world, right where the Mean Girls movie left off, and navigate the drama and romance. As you battle Regina George, you’ll get to spend time with known characters from the Mean Girls movie like Cady, Janis, Damian, and of course the Plastics. You will also meet the guy of your dreams, but Regina won’t let you get him that easily.

DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME. Star in your very own tour! After winning a spot on Demi’s tour as her opening act, it’s time to embrace your true self and define your dream career. As Demi shares her advice on taking control of destiny, what choices will you make as you become a role model for aspiring stars?

FALLING FOR THE DOLAN TWINS. On your first day in LA, you meet the cutest guy you’ve ever seen—and then you meet his twin brother. As you get closer and closer to internet stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan, the sparks start to fly… which one will you choose?

HOLLYWOOD DAYS WITH HAYES, featuring internet sensation Hayes Grier. Your choices determine how you rise in the Hollywood ranks. As the lines blur between fantasy and reality, how will you manage? Let’s see what you’ve got! You might even fall in love as your adventure unfolds.

Episode – Choose Your Story Gameplay

So romantic and fun. Could you make it lesser time for the passes? Whenever I play some of the chapters, it just put ads. It says but first here are a few words from our sponsors. BORING! Change it to lesser ads, please. And the diamonds too. In the story, some of the choices are needed to use diamonds. I thought it was supposed to be OUR choice. Please change it so I Will rate 5 stars.

Episode – Choose Your Story is really a great game! Because you can decide your own path!

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What’s New?

Bug Fixes


  1. Download the APK and Data from the download box below.
  2. Install the Episode – Choose Your Story Android APK
  3. Extract the .zip file (data), after that open the extracted folder.
  4. Copy com.episodeinteractive.android.catalog to Android/Data.
  5. Enjoy your game!

Episode – Choose Your Story

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