Lens of War is a Puzzle Game for android
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Your camera is your only weapon in this unusual war game – piece together the fragments of a war zone and then go explore it! Lens of War is an exciting combination of a puzzle and adventure game.

In Lens of War you will piece together the fragments of a war zone and play the part of a war photographer as you take pictures of the action in the field.

Designed for anyone interested in photography, the game aims to spark a dialogue about war photography. How does it shape our understanding of warfare? What are the challenges faced by a war photographer on the frontline?

Through a series of illustrated war situations, the game will give you a virtual, stylized experience and help you imagine how difficult it is to find your way in a war zone and survive the most common events that usually take place in a conflict zone.

Above all, the game pays homage to all the war photographers who bravely put their lives at risk to bring us news and show us the truth of life in the field.

Inspired by real, iconic war photographs, the illustrations of the game will take you into a stylized war setting and will surely help you let your imagination take flight.

Piece together a conflict zone and then go explore it. Enjoy an unusual combination of two types of game – puzzle and adventure. A true innovation that will provide you with a dynamic, exciting experience.

The game has eight different levels. Eight completely different scenarios, eight completely different challenges, eight completely different experiences.

Lens of War is optimized for both tablets and phones.

Lens of War

Lens of War

Lens of War

Lens of War

Lens of War


  1. Download the APK and Data from the download box below.
  2. Install the APK
  3. Extract the .zip file (data), after that open the extracted folder.
  4. Copy the extracted files to Android/Data.
  5. Enjoy your game!

Lens of War Apk + Data v1.0.0 android

File Version: 2.85 / Size: 256 MB

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