Reckless Racing 3
Good Download Reckless Racing 3 Latest Mod APK. After the previous version, Reckless Racing 2, now it’s the time for the sequel, Reckless Racing 3 Android by Pixelbite. We should tell you that we are really amazed by the amazing graphics that this game deliver. By playing Reckless Racing 3 Mod APK for some hour, I’m really feel pleasured by the graphics of this game. If you think that Real Racing 3 has a realistic graphics, you should try this game. This game represents that you didn’t need a great engine with a huge amount of data files to create a realistic game. Well, that was the reason why we include this great racing game to the Best Android Racing Game 2017 list.

Reckless Racing 3 Android

Reckless Racing 3 Latest APK

Reckless Racing 3 Latest APK

Reckless Racing is back with dirtier racetracks, like Asphalt Xtreme with it offroad style, more epic power slides, eye-popping graphics and the largest selection of cars and trucks to date.

Play the career mode loaded with 60 events in 9 different seasons and the Arcade mode featuring 24 challenges, or compete on the online leaderboards in Single Event. Reckless Racing 3 has the most detailed physics and complex graphics so far, giving you the smoothest racing experience ever. There are a lot of tracks that available in this game, just like Hot Wheels: Car Off.

The precision stunt driving mode, Gymkhana, is the latest addition to race events. It’s the true skill test for any seasoned race driver and features a special range of souped-up rally cars.

Feeling the need to skid in every corner? Miss the NFS: No Limits drift features? Well then, this is the event mode for you. Score points for awesome drifts and huge bonuses for executing them perfectly.

The mixed starting grid is being reintroduced to all races, pitching Cars vs Trucks vs Buggies in a reckless mashup. Do you want to go big and bully your opponents or be small and quick? It’s up to you, but beware the A.I. drivers have been infused with an extra dose of reckless behavior.

Reckless Racing 3 Android

Reckless Racing 3 Android

Strap down and get ready for some pure racing delight!

  • Probably the best power slides in the world!
  • 36 routes in 6 different environments.
  • 28 cars and trucks to choose from.
  • Career, Arcade and Single Event game modes.
  • Gymkhana, Drift, Hot Lap, and Race event types.
  • More detailed and complex graphics and physics than ever.
  • Customizable touch controls.
  • Full gamepad support.
  • Features optional IAPs for players who want to unlock things faster.
  • Google Play leaderboards and achievements.
  • English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Português, 한국어, 繁體中文

Reckless Racing 3 Gameplay

Reckless Racing 3 Mod APK

Reckless Racing 3 Mod APK

I enjoyed this game every second while playing it. it does get challenging at times, but that is the best part of the game. to all those blaming controls: you have to master your “driving” skills with the existing controls, as this is what makes this game fun. sure, it ain’t easy to deal with all the skidding and drifting, but you can manage and come up with your own strategy on how to make those turns and twists of the road, without leaving the track or falling into the water. This game is really great for a car enthusiast, if you’re a biker, maybe you should look at Trials Frontier or Trial Xtreme 4.

Great game, awesome graphics, beautiful physics!

What’s New?

  • Fixed a launch crash affecting some Huawei devices.


  1. Download the APK and Data from the download box below.
  2. Install the Reckless Racing 3 Android APK
  3. Extract the .zip file (data), after that open the extracted folder.
  4. Copy com.pixelbite.rr3 to Android/Data.
  5. Enjoy your game!

Reckless Racing 3

File Version: 1.2.1 / Size: 499 MB

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NameReckless Racing 3
File Size32 MB and 467 MB
Minimum OS4.1 Jellybean
Uploaded14 May 2017