This page is specially made for a request or contact page. You can fill the form below to write down anything whether it was an application request, game request, review request, or anything. I usually look up my email list, so you may get a reply max. 48 hours after the mail sent. So what are you waiting for? Just write down your request below.

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Is TechRoasted legit?

Well, we are legit of course. We provide you a direct link to Google Drive without any link shortener or others annoying ads service that will decrease the experience of using this site. Our files are 100% malware free, we’ve checked everything on our phones first so we are sure that all of the things here is 100% safe.

For additional information, if you look closely to our address bar, you can found that we have a green bar, which means we are using an SSL (Secure Socketed Layers) to provide an encryption and make sure that our site is 100% safe. We will provide the best experience of using a site, so support us to keep this service online. Be sure to check about us page to know more.

My files that I’ve just downloaded isn’t working on my devices?

You can use this form to tell us what’s the error and what’s the device that you use. But before sending an email, make sure that your OS and device are capable of running those game/apps. Once you are sure that everything was ok, besides the files, you can send us an email regarding that errors and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP, maximum 48 hours after the email was sent.

I want to be a writer or contributor!

Well, as for now, we still open for a writer or contributor. Just fill the form above and we’ll send you the next instruction.

Your site is really great!

I’m really thankful if you are helped with this site since that will encourage me to do something better. If you like this site, make sure that you check all of the important information like Privacy Policy pages, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer. So you’ll know what you can do, and what this site does with your private information.

To be honest, we don’t actually collect your data and make an advantage by using those data. To be more clear, I suggest you check those sensitive and important information pages. Thanks.

Regards, Techroasted