Why You Should Use Spotify Premium Mod APK. Some people say that Spotify has more features than what iTunes provides. Spotify is a music streaming application which is really popular right now for people in the world. Even in the 3rd world country, Spotify Premium APK is still a hype, since Spotify provides a lot of languages that they’re already supported on their apps. Even Spotify itself has a copyright problem especially for the singer and composer of the songs, Spotify Premium Mod APK is still a hype and able to attract a lot of music lovers to listen to the music online within Spotify Apps. Even more, Spotify Premium has a feature to download the songs and listen to it while you’re offline. So are you curious enough with Spotify APK? So here we go, Why You Should Use Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium Android

1. There are more than 20 million songs

The first things are the Spotify catalogs, there are a lot of Spotify users give a positive review because they’re able to find and listen to a new band/singer and songs which really suitable for them. You can browse for over than 20 million songs from a lot of singer in the world, no matter if it was a huge label or an indie one. You can also browse by the genres to find some hidden gem.

2. Playlist sharing

Do you think that you have a really great playlist and want to beg to the others? Spotify Android APK has a feature to share your cool playlist with another user. You can also build your own playlist with some contribution from another user to become a particular themed soundtrack which could be listened to others. In the other hand, you also able to listen to a playlist that another user has created and synchronize it with your smartphone.

3. Already integrated with

If you’re a music lover, especially a music streamer lover, you must already know about which is really popular. With you’re able to listen to a music on your device, smartphone, PC, or tablet, and while you’re streaming there will be a notification about what’s the music that you just played on your social media. Beside for begging your playlist and your song taste, also could help you for finding an artist that has similar genres which the artist that you’re listening to. Spotify Premium Android APK is already integrated with, so it’s really great that it was one of the best Spotify features.

4. Radio streaming

Already bored with your playlist? The next Spotify plus point is you can listen to radio feature whether your account was the free plan or premium plan. With this feature, you’ll be provided with a random song that has been arranged by genres or decades. Calm down, there will be no ads or caster, so you can enjoy your music freely. Spotify APK is really great, isn’t it?

5. Pay per month, not per download

If previously you’ve already comfortable with the service that iTunes provides, maybe you’ll really love the service that provided by Spotify. For the premium plan, Spotify user will be charged for about US$10/month, or even cheaper in the 3rd world country like Indonesia, since it’ll be charged for about Rp59.900/month or US$4/month. Moreover, Spotify Premium Mod APK always gives some promotion or discount, which is a lot and fascinating, like US$1/month or free premium plan for the first month if you haven’t tried Spotify yet. With that premium plan, you’ll have an access to their huge music database with unlimited songs and times. Well, just compare it to iTunes music which you have to pay per downloaded songs, so you have to save your money. Another great thing for Spotify is that Spotify Android has a cooperation with major labels like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI.

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Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium APK


Spotify: Free Music Streaming

So that’s it, 5 reasons why you should try Spotify Premium. For additional info, Spotify already integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you could know what’s the song that your friend are listening to and share your music as well. If you’re interested in Spotify Premium but wanna try it first before you purchase the plan, you could try the Spotify Premium Mod APK on Techroasted by clicking the download button below.

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